Clear Vision & Impressive Assets Portfolio

Blue Core Labs, Inc. is a wellness product manufacturing and fulfillment company whose products include clean water and Functional Waters. Core to its product suite are owned rights to a pristine, naturally alkaline aquifer in Beaver County, Utah, a Qualified Opportunity Zone. Blue Core Labs owns the rights to a sustainable 5MW geothermal energy source and plans to build a 135K sq ft facility equipped with production lines for planet-friendly water, Functional Waters, and high-acid products.

planet-friendly water and functional waters

Lean, Nimble Operations

Such fully-owned assets will allow the company to achieve significant savings by avoiding rent, lease, or water expenses, all while using sustainable and cost-efficient resources in a highly optimized manner. Blue Core Labs will achieve additional efficiencies through the fact that its divisions – packaged water (including proprietary nutraceutical-infused drinks) and IV bags – will be housed in “clean manufacturing facilities” and under the same corporate umbrella.

water dropleft with blue core logo

Predictable and Profitable Economics

The company will initially be focused on constructing production facilities and procuring/installing equipment. Initial revenues are expected in the first quarter of 2022, with regular production of all products by the end of the third quarter 2022. Blue Core Labs projects to break even by the end of the first quarter of 2023 and increase its Net Profit to almost $57 million by 2025.

water dropright with blue core logo

Seasoned Management Team

Blue Core Labs is led by proven directors, executives and corporate managers. Each of the key managers has decades of professional experience obtained across a variety of industries, companies and government institutions.