Wellness product manufacturing and fulfillment

Blue Core (BCL) is redefining beverage manufacturing as the first fully sustainable and renewable-powered beverage manufacturing operation in the U.S. BCL was established in 2020 when BCL’s parent, GFE Sustainable, spun-out three of its premier assets:

  1. 72 acres of strategically positioned land in Beaver County Utah
  2. A spring water aquifer
  3. 5.0MW of geothermal resource

Blue Core’s initial focus was on leveraging its unique asset base to build a sustainable co-packing and private label manufacturing platform. The platform would be powered by the geothermal asset and draw water from the spring water aquifer. In 2022, BCL executed a transformative acquisition through the purchase of Rethink Brands (Rethink). The acquisition gave BCL a mature upstream business which included 20,000 +/- points of distribution, long-term customer relationships with leading retailers (ex: Walmart) and a low-sugar beverage portfolio. The combined business offers a powerful value proposition given BCL’s sustainable manufacturing platform coupled with the vertical integration. For U.S. retailers, BCL addresses a key need given that net-zero commitments necessitate de-carbonizing supply chains. The next phase of greenhouse gas (ghg) reporting requirements specifically focuses on supply chain emissions which will be  factored into ESG ratings. This puts additional pressure on retailers to find sustainable manufacturing partners. As a first mover, BCL is poised to capitalize on these market opportunities.

Blue Core Labs, Inc. (BCL) is in the process of becoming a leading manufacturer of pristine packaged spring water, flavored waters, functional water products and high-acid fruit juice beverages for its own brands. In addition, BCL will offer contract manufacturing services to leading consumer product brands that need additional capacity in North America. Operational capabilities will be based upon sustainable and recyclable packaging. Fundamental to BCL’s own packaging, contract manufacturing and fulfillment capacities are its privately owned rights to a pristine, naturally occurring alkaline spring water aquifer located in Beaver County, Utah.

BCL lab rendering