Corporate Overview

Blue Core Labs also will possess the rights to a sustainable 5MW geothermal energy source and plans to build a modern facility equipped with production lines for planet-friendly water, Functional Waters, low-acid products and Nutritional Products.

Corporate Divisions

Functional Waters Division

Blue Core Labs’ Functional Waters mission is to deliver unique, health-promoting bioavailable ingredients including enzymes and prebiotics to promote the health, wellness, and long-term vitality of consumers.

Blue Core Labs’ Functional Waters vision is to become a co-packing partner of leading nutraceutical firms, as well as creating proprietary formulations and solutions, in a market that is poised to grow to $722.49 Billion by 2027 according to Grand View Research, Inc.

Packaged Water Division

Blue Core Labs’ packaged water mission is to use sustainable energy to produce and deliver a healthy, naturally clean water products in sustainable, eco-friendly packaging.

Blue Core Labs’ packaged water vision is to become a recognized provider of sustainable, high quality pristine drinking water while supporting environmental responsibility and overall wellness. BCL’s pristine water can also be used to manufacture a plethora of low-acid products such as nutritional beverages, oat milk, almond milk, and other specialty drinks.

Nutritional Products Division

Blue Core Labs’ Nutritional Products mission is to use its pristine water to deliver high-quality Nutritional Products such as normal saline, lactated ringers and D5W, helping to reduce the shortages of these products that frequently occur during high flu seasons and health crises such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. BBraun and Baxter have committed to invest $1.5 Billion to increase their domestic production of these essential products. Blue Core Labs’ Nutritional Products vision is to become a trusted long-term partner of major U.S. healthcare supply chain firms, indirectly supporting the country’s overall U.S. healthcare system.

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