Turnkey Facility Launch

Turnkey Facility Launch

September 2025

Regulatory Hurdles Cleared

Successfully secured a building permit from Beaver County, Utah in Q2 2023

Blueprints Completed

BCL’s architect, Desert Edge Architecture, has comp

Lead Contractors Hired

FINCON has been engaged as General Contractor

Technology Contracted

Tetra Pak secured for state-ofthe-art machinery, enabling on time order completion with exceptional precision

Facility Operational Capabilities

BCL lab rendering

This is an architectural rendering.

  • ~125,000-sf facility to be fully operational by Q3 2025.
  • Initial production capability of ~ 200 million units annually, accommodating packaging sizes of 200mL, 500mL, and 1L
  • Forecast of ~ $100 million in revenues by 2026 is backed by existing agreements with proposed clients
  • Designed to allow for future expansion, specifically targeting the the Low-Acid beverages space.