Clean, Pristine Packaged Drinking Water

tetra pak

Blue Core Labs’ packaged water mission is to use sustainable energy to produce and deliver healthy, naturally clean water products in sustainable, eco-friendly packaging.

Blue Core Labs’ packaged water vision is to become a recognized provider of the highest-quality pristine drinking water while supporting environmental responsibility, and overall wellness.


Blue Core Labs’ bioaquaceuticals mission is to deliver unique, health-promoting bioavailable ingredients to promote the health, wellness, and long-term vitality of consumers.

Blue Core Labs’ bioaquaceuticals vision is to become a leading partner of nutraceutical firms seeking industry-leading formulations and solutions.

Intravenous (IV) Solutions

Blue Core Labs’ IV solutions mission is to use its pristine water to deliver high-quality IV solutions, reducing the shortages of these products that frequently occur during high flu seasons and health crises such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Blue Core Labs’ IV solutions vision is to become a trusted long-term partner of major U.S. healthcare supply chain firms, indirectly supporting the country’s overall U.S. healthcare system.