End Consumers Drive Production Trends

Sustainable packaging is important to consumers

A 2023 McKinsey survey found that approximately two-thirds US consumers say that sustainable packaging is at least somewhat important when making a purchasing decision and that they’re willing to pay more for it.3

Consumption of sugary beverages is falling

A 2020 Harvard study2 found that between 2003 and 2016, the percentage of American children who were heavy consumers of sugar beverages declined from 11 percent to 3 percent during that period, and the percentage of adults dropped from 13 percent to 9 percent.

Rising Organic Beverage Sales

Organic beverage sales in the United States reached $9B in 2022. A spokesperson for the Organic Trade Association said: “Organic beverages continue to climb. They’re an area where shoppers are willing to
experiment and are less price sensitive.”1


Gavin Dutt, Global Insights and Analytics Manager at Tetra Pak says: “the two big trends…in the juices industry are health, related to sugar, and secondly and more importantly, the sustainability and traceability demanded by the consumers.”4