Success Factors

First Mover Advantage

A 2022 study1 found that the top 50 global F&B manufacturers are on track to miss their net zero targets. BCL will be the first mover in the industry to offer fully sustainable beverage production for these companies.

Strategic Location

BCL’s location next to a natural spring and a geothermal energy source makes it one of the most attractive sites for an operation of this kind in the United States.

Ability to Scale

BCL has designed the plant such that it can easily move into the lowacid beverages space and has additional 3M sq ft of manufacturing and warehouse expansion space, equating to over $1B in annual output.

Greener Production
and Distribution

BCL will use 100% recyclable packaging and implement responsibly managed and traceable operations practices. Furthermore, there will be a 90% reduction in the overall water usage compared to plastic bottles.

Management Team

BCL is managed by a team with 150 years of industry-specific experience in CPG, beverage, manufacturing, logistics, and ESG Fundraising across a range of bluechip companies.